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  2. Everything we know about you guys is wrong.

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    Awesome Anamorphic Artwork isn’t restricted to walls, floors and sketchbooks. There’s a whole amazing subset that, instead of having the viewer stand in just the right spot, requires looking at flat image or sculpture reflected in a cylindrical mirror in order to see it properly.

    Last month the folks at Bored Panda assembled a fascinating collection of 23 examples of this mind-bending art form. Here you see pieces by István Orosz, Jonty Hurwitz, Vera Bugatti and Awtar Singh Virdi respectively.

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    Ancient Puppy Paw Prints Found on Roman Tiles

    i got really happy about this and then i was like “this dog is probably dead” and now i am crying

    Probably dead


    There’s hope, apparently.

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    We’ve gotten too big for standing hugs but that doesn’t stop it

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    Women’s Halloween costumes make me mad.

    look at the names of the luigi one 

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    Captain America: The Winter Soldier - Created by Eric Veiga

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    When Teachers have the last laugh

    When I was a sophomore, my honors chemistry teacher stapled a mcdonalds app to a kid in my class’ test 😂

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    get dressed,jump out of bed

    do it best!

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    MGMT at Hellow Festival, 9/20/14.

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